We Are All Stardust

Winter Portraits

I’m the kinda girl who likes to stay indoors in winter. My social calendar is cleared, my fire is stoked and my red wine supply is sorted. BUT.. you know, at the same time I find myself free to think more creatively now the wedding season is done. So slowly but surely my annoyingly inspired brain cranks up and I’m like I GOTTA SHOOT SOMETHING!

As I stare into my swirling hot chocolate I start seeing ideas, like a marshmellow to a flame every darn winter.
So, knowing my future self very well I am offering just FOUR half price winter portrait sessions between now and end of August.

Usually these are $550 for 40 mins
I’m offering a 30 min session for $260

The deal is that we get AMONGST this winter feel. There can be hot chocolate, big jumpers, squishy hugs. There can be mossy rocks and wild hair. Or blowing leaves, umbrellas & gumboots.

Help my winter creative crisis! Hit me up to secure your spot.

Fill out my online form.

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