They met, and they knew.

Everyone who spoke at their wedding said with visible emotion that these two make each other happier. Happier than either have ever been.

I think this kind of love is the enviable kind. It isn’t just about compatibility & having the same values. It’s the kind that makes their hearts beat faster and want to melt into each other and live out their days side by side. It’s being IN love. Yep, I think they are definite soul mates.
And then there’s the incredibleness of recognising it as soon as she laid eyes on her cheeky bare feet and when she heard her sweet & gentle voice… I love their love and I felt honoured to be able to spend this one day following them around with my camera and putting some of those emotions into pictures – that start and end with confetti! (hurrah!)

Plus the pizza was delicious.

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Special folk that contributed to this wedding:

Nic’s Dress: Flannel
Kate’s Dress: Anna Campbell
Bridesmaids: Dangerfield

Makeup: Kristy Ellis
Hair: Bee Izzi from Peggy Sues
Retro Furniture: Project Blak
Pizza: Vesbar Mobile Pizza


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Pene stevens
December 10, 2014
Gorgeous !! So happy for them :) Just one question .... Where did they get married ??? My son and his boyfriend just got engaged :) Such beautiful photography as always Nat Cheers Pene :)
    December 10, 2014
    Oh thanks Pene! Congrats to your son! :-) These guys got married in a family backyard in Perth. Now marriage isn't legally recognised in Perth but that didn't stop them from having a ceremony! x