We Are All Stardust

The little mermaid and her prince

Meet my muses, the girls, Emma & Katie. I love to find love and people up for adventure, romance and a bit of dress ups. Us three have some barter going on at the moment, they recently helped me out with a popcorn and fairyfloss machine at an event so the best thank you I can give is a picture story of them.

Now Emma thinks Katie looks like the Little Mermaid with that beautiful long red hair and because Emma just so happens to want to be a prince it was the perfect inspiration for our little adventure. I got busy with my glue gun and created a sea crown for Katie (Ariel) and epaulettes (those fancy shoulder wings) for Emma (Eric). Their lovely friend Sian did the make up. And we went into the wild and wooly South Beach in Fremantle…



  • October 6, 2015

    Absolutely stunning photos and such a beautiful couple, so in love.

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