We Are All Stardust

The First Belly Bump

I remember my first pregnancy bump and the experience of loving and celebrating my changing body. I spent days at the beach soaking in sun and floating in the ocean, visualising my baby and the birth. Oh bliss… the free spirit of a first pregnancy!

The same can’t be said for a second bump. Oh no, you are chasing a toddler, trying to keep the house clean and yourself fed. And then you catch yourself in a mirror and think ‘oh my, I’m quite pregnant’!

So here is a reminder to spend some more focused time with the second and subsequent bumps, tuning into the being in your belly and calming the heck down to enjoy it.

Jemma has been absolutely loving her changing body and the experience of being pregnant. It was a joy to hear her say she has fully embraced ALL her new curves.

I only photographed Jemma and Dan’s wedding a few months ago so it’s awesome to see them again so soon with another reason to document their lives!

Here is our Perth maternity photo shoot. I only do them occasionally and always in a documentary, relaxed style.

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