Winter at the Como Treasury

A bit of inspiration for getting rugged up on your wedding day and enjoying the mood and soft light of a winter’s day. Here are some photos of Chelsea & Matt.

I love seeing a bride as cosy as her suited partner.

These two are just seriously smitten. Enviable to be honest. Barely seen this level of intense love.

I often contemplate how photographs can “lie” by exaggerating intimacy through the manipulation of body language and light and catching a fleeting moment. In many ways it’s the skill to capture (or create) feelings with these tools that makes a great photographer. It also means that when the feelings of love are palpable and even on full display there runs the risk that the photographs don’t nearly go far enough in proving how real the love is.

I experienced such great great love this day and it was both easy to capture and a challenge to do it justice.

Here are some sneak peeks. Can you see the love? In the eyes, the tenderness and naturalness of the touch, in the subtleties that you might normally miss in an average lovey dovey photograph?
I hope so. It’s impossible for me to judge as I can’t remove the feelings I experienced whilst taking the photographs.

chelsea-matt-0272 chelsea-matt-0343 chelsea-matt-0385 chelsea-matt-0424 chelsea-matt-0477 chelsea-matt-0461 chelsea-matt-0378

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