Serbian Spectacular

When I met Sanja & Marko I knew we would get along like a house on fire. They were both clowns like me! Sanja described how she surprised herself when she said YES to Marko’s proposal as she had told him numerous times she didn’t want to get married. It seems his charm and absolute adoration got the better of her!

This was my first Serbian wedding. It was this brilliant combination of tradition, that wonderful european emotion, spirited dancing & bucket loads of laughs – creating a very entertaining day!

Here are some of the moments I loved most and why…

1. These girls claimed to be all camera shy when I arrived. “How do we act natural?” they asked whenever I lifted my camera. I told them to get together and let’s dance out this apparent shyness. Then the gypsys came out of the bag and it seems they were just bluffing!!


2. When Sanja got dressed she laughed so hard about the fact she was getting married, like it was the funniest, bizzarest idea ever. It was contagious.


I really enjoyed her humour and bringing me into the fold of excitement as she did with everyone else.

These girls were also a huge part of the spirit of the day, gushing at Sanja.


This is a magical time actually, these moments before you head off, I loved how they enjoyed it so much.

3. Then we had to deal with a giant balloon & the only way Sanja could think to tie it down in the car…


4. So you’d think a Serbian ceremony would be a pretty serious affair yet the number of jokes offered were more than I’d experienced at most ceremonies…

First the need to speak louder became an epic shout of promise from Marko.


The crowns were quite a gorgeous part of the ceremony…


5. and the best man offering to fix up Marko’s hair was a… special touch.


6. People often don’t realise the number of moments I see.. but this one with Marko’s dad and grandmother was sweet as he encouraged her to sing along.


7. Then after their first kiss the priest said “she’s not your mother” and asked them to do it again!! my goodness. Thought this was meant to be G rated!


8. The congrats were full of these beaut emotions.


9. And the just married tongues-out feelings…


10. Then at the park we greatly upset someone who REALLY wanted that balloon.


11. We spent a disproportionate amount of time near Mary Street Bakery but it was worth it… for the pink feels


12. and the caramel donuts which we got for free!


13. And the angled bench slippery dip


14. Then Sanja donned gum boots, despite other bridal party members not getting it – she knew I understood.


15. When I returned to reception I was greeted by this. Gotta say I don’t mind at all being called a Queen!!


16. Sanja’s friends surprised her with some customised wedding converse.


17. The groom delivered a disturbingly funny speech. It involved farting in the best man’s mouth and can not be repeated here. oops.


18. Of course he rounded it out with love felt words and then …


19. He sang. Now the thing is…he can’t sing. But this is what made it so amazing. It was so brave, vulnerable and raw to just put his voice out there and sing an entire (Ed Sheeren) song.
At first Sanja laughed with him…


20. And people waved their lighters…


21. But as it went on, Sanja really really felt the love between the notes and was soaking in this beautiful gesture.


22. Afterwards they danced and for people that claim they are not the mushy type, I seriously think this wedding shows that their expression of love has it’s mushy bits indeed as well as all the humour one can muster. It’s a beautiful balance.


23. Which was followed by singalong jumping & the serbian circle dancing.


What a wedding!

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