Dyspnea makes me wanna pop pink champagne, wear a bunnies tail and express my inner unicorn.

So that’s kinda what we did.


Mel, film maker from Till Death & myself got together, yet again, to play with fashion to our own far-reaching imaginations! And don’t we just love running about town trying to source mirrored horse heads, pompoms and the perfect champagne… #behindthefuckingscenes is intense but worth it.

So we discovered the acid fairy dress, the perfect model in Sez & went to play princess at a trashed castle.

In our story, the Princess searches high and low for her perfect lover. But of course he’s a myth, isn’t he. So instead she must indulge herself. She knows how to look after her own sweet needs.

When the cops rocked up just to observe the strange party we were having, we realised we were confusing the townsfolk with our idea of a fun way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Credits go to:

Photos: We Are All Stardust (that’s me!)
Video: Till Death
Model: Sarah Oldham
Dress: Dyspnea
Makeup: Elle Ariane
Hair: Sarah (model)
Hair piece: Nat (photographer)
Music: Lover by Silence for Starters
Horsehead: Hurben

You can sit back with the stills or go on a fast trip to the party in the film…

LOVER / STYLED SHOOT from Mel Branson – Till Death


Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-002 Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-016 Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-007Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-019Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-022Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-027 Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-029Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-033Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-041 Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-048 Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-047Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-049 Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-055
Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-059 Queendom-Dyspnea-Perth-Fashion-0752

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[…] Inspired by Dyspnea’s Acid Fairy dress from the moment we first laid eyes on it, we set about creating a world around it – a grungey world of play, curiosity and sickly sweet pleasure. Set in an old abandoned castle, our babe Sez searches high and low for her perfect lover. But he’s not real, he’s make-believe, a myth… so instead she must indulge herself. Feast your eyes on the film and then check out the full gallery over on We Are All Stardust’s blog. […]
March 1, 2017
Nat, this is just so bloody hot. I LOVE it. Looks like you guys had so much fun too :) xx