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On an Adventure with Saskia

I’ve been contemplating how much entertainment we seem to need these days to keep us from feeling ‘bored’ – seems a result of an ever decreasing attention span and the increase of technology at our fingertips for constant new ‘pleasure button’ pushing. I hope that when I have kids I can balance them getting enough technology time so as not to be too behind others development but plenty of time in nature, adventuring and learning in a full body, natural way.

I remembered being young and being able to spend all day in the park with sticks and leaves as toys and my imagination providing all the stories. Booby traps, witches in the swamp, wars with neighbouring kids and secret hideaways with my sister. I wish my childhood lasted forever!

When I went with Saskia to the park on Friday I got to enjoy being with a kid in all their imaginative glory, playing with water, sticks and believing that a panda might actually be in the bamboo… I loved it.

This was my first ever real kids shoot with no adults and just getting to do whatever I wanted! With a fabulous wardrobe and a cheeky inquisitive nature, Saskia was a perfect model. I felt privileged to spend time with her and mum, and be trusted to capture these images. Come on a journey with Saskia and me from home to where the adventure unfolds…

I now feel pretty excited by the idea of doing more kids shoots, naturally I want to do ones with a great set of outfits and dressups, and make it into a real play date!


  • Jeannie Carlyle
    July 21, 2013

    Saskia is our grand daughter.

    Thank you so much for these wonderful photographs.

    She was born to pose but you as a photographer have brought out her personality in all its glory.

    I worried about pictures of Saskia being “out there” but now i have seen the finished product and read yiur little story i am relaxed!!!!!!! Many many thanks and kindest regards…jeannie

  • Chris Ritter
    October 21, 2013

    Hi Nat Those photos are truly beautiful and what a collection for her and all her family to have as she gets older!!!.

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