Perth based jewellery designer, MISCII opened the door to her gorgeous home studio to me this week so I could take some photos and ask lots of questions!

I often pause to admire the posts in my feed with the geometric, pastel, clay & acrylic earrings highlighted with gold & glitter that is the work of Celesté Rautenbach. On a random winter’s day I was just struck with the desire to meet her, see her at work so I just dropped her a DM.

She said YES. Woot! We have never met but I sorta felt like she was my kind of person. And I wasn’t wrong… the studio visit just flew and the conversation covered all the bases from jewellery to running art spaces. We ended up having quite a few coincidental connections as well. Don’t you love synchronicity? It often happens when making decisions from a place of intuition and seeing what unfolds.

Celesté Rautenbach was born in Capetown, spent over a decade in London and now happily resides in sunny Perth. Her studio is in her home in Balcatta and is wall-to-wall pastel MISCII & tools.

I could live in this room and create for days. I was so inspired by the set up.

Here are some things I learned about the artist whilst I took photos & asked a tonne of questions…

Celesté avoided pink most of her life until one day at 24 years of age she allowed herself to buy a jumper with ‘blush sleeves’. This began her slow submersion into total pastel rainbows … coupled of course with her love of Cobolt & Gold.

She used to run a very cute shop (Mr Sparrow in Subi!), right at the time that the world of retail took a turn and she had to go down with it. But you know, in all the challenge and heartache of having to let it go, she came out the other end with 3 solid best friends so she can’t regret a thing.

She is ridiculously skilled at all things technical so if she wants something, she makes it, don’t need nobody to cut, solder & drill that stuff together. I was very inspired seeing all her fancy equipment and how she brings all her talents and knowledge together to create unique pieces that reflect her love of design & pretty, playful feels.

And finally Celesté’s “life motto”…

You get what you put your attention towards, so if you think a lot about what you want, you’ll get it and likewise if you think a lot about what you don’t want, you’ll get it.

I feel like I’m gonna get all the damn things! So it was a timely reminder to focus on positive future-realities and keep a happy mindset as that’s the energy of attraction.

Thanks Celesté !!

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