Hello! I’m Nat.

“What you see with your eyes is ephemeral,
What you see through your heart is everlasting.”

I’m Natalija Brunovs (that’s a silent j) – it’s Latvian. I’ve been photographing ever since I was 14 so truly this is my life purpose (I can say that now after 20 odd years! Kinda took me this long to fully realise it.) I think my life is about creating beauty and sharing it. A beautiful thing is nothing unless shared.

Beauty for me is all about nature & sparkles. I absolutely love natural beauty and how temporary it is. Nothing stays the same, not a leaf, not the sky, not our youth… so I love to freeze it’s ephemeral beauty. But I also love the magic of glitter, metal and make up! So wedding are the best way to capture all that authentic natural stuff that’s been jooshed up!


What a once in a lifetime celebration! The only bittersweet note is that the better the day is, the faster it will go by, leaving your memories like glimmering starlight…

That’s why I throw my full heart in to your day, to freeze time & keep it burning bright.
You can do your thing & I’ll capture the magic, light and truth between you two & your favourite ever people. You can enjoy your day knowing it will always be there in beautiful detail to relive when you want a burst of happiness.

I have a very down-to-earth, unobtrusive approach and a sixth sense for the special moments which means I can see them coming! I will capture how it felt not just how it looked. Plus my ninja capture skills (aka invisibility cloak) means you’ll have a whole lot of those meaningful & hilarious moments you might have missed.

xo Natalija

I probably have the least actual photos of myself of anyone I know so instead I give you a series of selfies! :-P


My Life

I live and work in beautiful Fremantle in Perth, Western Australia. I’m pretty much “coffee, create, wine, sleep”.  I love to shoot locally but also thrilled to travel to new locations in the world. I’m a hippy type in many ways and my partner is an eco-scientist so together we span the feels and the facts of caring for the planet. We recently had a gorgeous boy, Jack Ocean, who makes appearances in my insta stories cause he is ridiculously cute.

Quotes from Couples

“We hired Nat on the recommendation of my sister (also a wedding photographer). Nat made everyone feel so relaxed and she captured everyone laughing and smiling so genuinely. She somehow turns into a ninja during important moments – so even for someone quite self-conscious like me, I felt completely at ease and barely noticed her. I could not recommend Nat more highly. Beautiful person, beautiful photos.” – Nicole & Michael

“Nat was absolutely INCREDIBLE! She did amazingly well capturing so many happy and special moments throughout the day. She gave a quick turnaround with the photos afterwards, some the same weekend followed by the rest of the edited photos shortly after. We definitely recommend Nat for her creativity and flair!” – Charlotte & Matt

“We are a little (or a lot) in love with Natalija. She is an incredibly talented photographer and a gorgeous person. All the photos she has sent us of our wedding so far (it was only a couple of weekends ago) have been AMAZING and we can’t wait to see the rest. She has an innate sense of colour and composition. Our album is going to be truly special and she has ensured our memories of our wedding day will be brighter and more intense than they might have otherwise!” – Jean & Stu

Best thing we ever did, booking Nat! Her photos are just stunning! Half the time you didn’t even know she was there. She really captured the moments of the day.” – Shonelle & Kai

“Natalija is truly gifted at what she does. She managed to capture the feelng of the day with limited staged photos and beautiful quality work. Couldn’t recommend her more highly.” – Rhiannon & Mark

“As a photography enthusiast, I have browsed and explored many different styles of wedding photography, and I was so lucky to find Nat in a magazine. She is not only a photogrpaher but also a true artist. She merges art and life in a moment. She captured the way in a beautiful and unique way. Words cannot describe how much I love her.” – Cara & Pan