Natalija Brunovs

I'm a Fremantle based wedding photographer.

Natalija Brunovs. Perth Wedding Photographer.

I’m Natalija Brunovs (that’s a silent j) – it’s Latvian. I’ve been photographing ever since I was 14 so truly this is my life purpose (I can say that now after 25 years of shooting! 10 of which have been weddings.) I just never tire of it and I wonder why. I think it’s because my life is all about finding the beauty & sharing it.


Putting all the fluff aside in case TLDR…

I’m just a relaxed photographer, very real, a bit of a clown, I just want you to be comfortable cause photos can feel awkward so I hope distract you from that whilst getting the most flattering and authentic photos I can. No posing or expecting you to be a model.


The fluff

Beauty for me is all about nature & sparkles.

Natural beauty is tops. I love the stories it tells, the authenticity of life. A real laugh, an expression of pride, a quiet reflective moment… I will always chase the authenticity.

And in the environment I’m drawn to intriguing light, foilage, textures, heritage buildings and brilliant colours.

But, weddings give us that extra sparkle via makeup, bouquets, suits and gowns… so when you combine all that is natural with looking our absolute best we really are inside the real life magic! It’s my biggest pleasure to capture the feelings and beauty combined.


My goal

What a once in a lifetime celebration! The only bittersweet note is that the better the day is, the faster it will go by, leaving your memories like glimmering starlight…

That’s why I throw my full heart in to your day, to freeze time & keep it burning bright.
You can do your thing & I’ll capture the magic, light and truth between you two & your favourite people.

You can enjoy your day knowing it will always be there in beautiful detail to relive when you want a burst of happiness.


My shooting style

I have a very down-to-earth, unobtrusive approach and a sixth sense for the special moments which means I can see them coming! I will capture how it felt not just how it looked. Plus my ninja capture skills (aka invisibility cloak) means you’ll have a whole lot of those meaningful & hilarious moments you might have missed.


More about my life

I live and work in beautiful Fremantle in Perth, Western Australia. I’m pretty much “coffee, create, wine, sleep”.  Throw in some yoga & swimming to keep me moving. I love to bake and craft which is just an extension of my creative self. I’m a hippy type in many ways and my partner is an eco-scientist so together we live a very paired back, sustainable life and enjoying sitting in the hammock with a beer & watch the honeyeaters play. We have two little silly, delightful kids called Jack Ocean & Indigo who light up my heart like nothing ever before.

I have a rich history in creativity that colours my vision for photographing. It might give you a sense of the depth with which I approach your day.

I have held 3 residencies as a photographer in regional WA. I had a graphic design studio for 10 years. I had a popular creative blog back when blogs were a thing. I was a media producer for ABC Open in QLD. I made a documentary in South Africa about dolls for orphaned children. I have done a couple vipassana courses. I have done a lot of teaching. I have a side hustle – Pattern Hunters – making cards and prints. I ran an art space for a year. I have mentored other wedding photographers.


Did you get this far? ;-)


“We hired Nat on the recommendation of my sister (also a wedding photographer). Nat made everyone feel so relaxed and she captured everyone laughing and smiling so genuinely. She somehow turns into a ninja during important moments – so even for someone quite self-conscious like me, I felt completely at ease and barely noticed her. I could not recommend Nat more highly. Beautiful person, beautiful photos.” – Nicole & Michael


“As *soon* as I saw Nat’s work I knew I HAD to have her shoot our wedding. I told my then fiance it was a non negotiable and I wasnt interested in looking elsewhere. She was the first person we booked and if she hadn’t been available we would’ve changed the date. Her work has immense heart, which funnily enough, matches hers. Nat’s shots are stunning, and I don’t just mean ours. Every gallery of other wedding days I looked at are all incredible. I cried when I saw our previews in the days after our big day. She got to know us in a way that she managed to reflect in the pictures she snapped. They are just us in every way. I adore Nat. She is funny, gorgeous, and made us both feel so comfortable, like she was a part of the family.” – Shona & Jeremiah


“Nat was absolutely INCREDIBLE! She did amazingly well capturing so many happy and special moments throughout the day. She gave a quick turnaround with the photos afterwards, some the same weekend followed by the rest of the edited photos shortly after. We definitely recommend Nat for her creativity and flair!” – Charlotte & Matt


“We are a little (or a lot) in love with Natalija. She is an incredibly talented photographer and a gorgeous person. All the photos she has sent us of our wedding so far (it was only a couple of weekends ago) have been AMAZING and we can’t wait to see the rest. She has an innate sense of colour and composition. Our album is going to be truly special and she has ensured our memories of our wedding day will be brighter and more intense than they might have otherwise!” – Jean & Stu


“Best thing we ever did, booking Nat! Her photos are just stunning! Half the time you didn’t even know she was there. She really captured the moments of the day.” – Shonelle & Kai


“Natalija is truly gifted at what she does. She managed to capture the feeling of the day with limited staged photos and beautiful quality work. Couldn’t recommend her more highly.” – Rhiannon & Mark


“When it came to choosing a photographer for our wedding, we were extremely selective. We wanted natural, documentary-style images that captured the important moments but didn’t make us feel like we were on stage.
Right from our first meeting we both felt very at ease with Nat and confident she was the woman for the job. She certainly did not disappoint!
Throughout the day she was effecient, calm and made the whole process heaps of fun.
We were truly blown away by how beautifully Nat captured our day and everyone in it. From quiet ‘back stage’ moments to all the main action, these are precious photos we will treasure for a lifetime.
The most important decision you can make about your wedding day (aside from choosing the right person to marry!) is your photographer – and Nat nailed it for us!” – Ebony & Patrick


“As a photography enthusiast, I have browsed and explored many different styles of wedding photography, and I was so lucky to find Nat in a magazine. She is not only a photographer but also a true artist. She merges art and life in a moment. She captured the way in a beautiful and unique way. Words cannot describe how much I love her.” – Cara & Pan

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