Flowers for The Boys

So much of what makes a photo great is what is in the background. The texture and colour can really set the mood as well as make an object pop or sing with it surrounds. I thought I’d have a crack on the weekend at painting up a bunch of different wooden boards to create my own textures.

Whilst I was elbow deep in paint & glitter, my partner asked “Why not just go walking around Fremantle and take photos against the concrete and wood etc you find?”… but the thing is, babe, I want to control the lighting and bring those backdrops to the exact position I want them in! So instead I made these transportable, re-usable backdrops. Plus way more fun!

I was actually kept awake at night thinking of the amazing variations I could get through a combination of spraying, rubbing, scratching, using sand and rocks, layers and so on. It’s really quite crazy fun to achieve decay in a day. And the experimentation aspect is an excellent challenge for me to let go and take risks even if it was looking ‘good’, I’d try to take it a step further… and discover something better.

So watch this space to see if I end up starting a “textured backdrops for hire” business

Oh, and here is the first thing I photographed with them (the motivation for making them in the first place!)… Buttonhole flowers (or boutonnieres) from the creative mind and clever hands of Annaliese from Signature Floral Design one of my go-to florists with a passion for quality photographs and excellent design.


Buttonholes are really miniature bouquets that require some pretty precise design as there’s no hiding in there. These little flowers for the groom are a clue to a greater floral scheme at a wedding, perhaps even informing the entire colour scheme, tone and theme of your wedding. I’ve used the backdrops and flourishes to take the themes to a moodier place and hope they give you some inspiration for your wedding or party!



  • Davida Brunovs
    August 29, 2017

    I will have any of these framed and hung on the wall. Please!

  • Zoe
    September 1, 2017

    Love everything about this. Such an original idea and stunning execution. Brilliant.

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