In a whimsical moment I thought I’d like to photograph children surrounded by blooms. I put the call out on Instagram and from the void came the excited emoticons of Bridget from Poppy & Willow. Together we collected florals, children and sweet little clothes & made this dream a flat-lay reality!

Published in issue 8 of the inimitable Hello May Magazine.

Clothes by Couture KidzSeed, Tutu De Monde & bowties by Gentleman and Scholar.

flowerchild-autumn1 flowerchild-autumn2 flowerchild-autumn3 flowerchild-winter1 flowerchild-winter2 flowerchild-winter4 flowerchild-coastal1 flowerchild-coastal2 flowerchild-coastal3 flowerchild-coastal5 flowerchild-farmland1 flowerchild-farmland3 flowerchild-farmland4 flowerchild-fiesta1 flowerchild-fiesta2 flowerchild-fiesta3 flowerchild-fiesta5 flowerchild-greenwall1 flowerchild-greenwall2 flowerchild-greenwall3 flowerchild-nightgarden1 flowerchild-nightgarden2 flowerchild-nightgarden3 flowerchild-nightgarden6 flowerchild-rosegarden1 flowerchild-rosegarden3 flowerchild-rosegarden4

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