We Are All Stardust

Exploring Elizabeth Quay

Where the river meets the city is a very new place in Perth, Elizabeth Quay. It’s still growing and building character but it was fun to walk the clean landscapes, find the lines & curiosities by turning my first visit into a photoshoot. These lovely two are getting married in just over a week! So we started with a beer and ended up as clowns… now we are ready to roll for the big day!

HailiBen-Portraits-002b HailiBen-Portraits-008 HailiBen-Portraits-026HailiBen-Portraits-028 HailiBen-Portraits-037b HailiBen-Portraits-038 HailiBen-Portraits-040HailiBen-Portraits-048 HailiBen-Portraits-050 HailiBen-Portraits-052 HailiBen-Portraits-055 HailiBen-Portraits-063HailiBen-Portraits-074HailiBen-Portraits-066HailiBen-Portraits-073 HailiBen-Portraits-077HailiBen-Portraits-075 HailiBen-Portraits-080 HailiBen-Portraits-093bHailiBen-Portraits-098 HailiBen-Portraits-100 HailiBen-Portraits-101 HailiBen-Portraits-106 HailiBen-Portraits-109 HailiBen-Portraits-115bHailiBen-Portraits-118 HailiBen-Portraits-119 HailiBen-Portraits-125HailiBen-Portraits-130 HailiBen-Portraits-132 HailiBen-Portraits-136 HailiBen-Portraits-137


  • April 8, 2016

    Great images! Can’t wait to experiment & explore Elizabeth Quay!

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