Creative Ceremony Inspo

How to start the party

Bring out a surprise band or DJ rocking the tunes.
Nothing says party like champagne in beautiful glasses. Be all fancy.
Customised cocktails & your personal favourite food.
If it’s gonna be hot… treat yo self. Ice creams, icy poles, donuts, oyster shucker…
Serenade your guests to reception with a walking band.
Games are okay, but what about an animal farm?


The design of your space is about setting the mood of your event and saying ‘This, here, is the ceremony!’ It creates excitement and beauty around your vows as well as literally makes your photos prettier.

The use of an arbour is very popular and is enhanced with florals or fabric. But here are some other ideas…

Side note: It looks best if you stand really central under an arbour. Ask your celebrant to move you if you aren’t.

A fun and inexpensive idea is to hang paper flowers and flags that will blow in the breeze and create movement and energy around your space.
Integrating florals or materials into nature like this big tree creates a magical feeling.
This bride actually made all these paper cranes in the lead up to her day so they could be hung in the arbour. What dedication to a vision!


The best man is the most common person chosen to hold and hand over the rings. It’s worth considering sharing this part of your ceremony with another significant person or making it an entertaining aspect to the day.

Got a pet. Worth it!
Or hire one.
Or make one. Here is a RING BEAR.
Seriously turn this part of your ceremony into something meaningful or fun.


The biggest thing I’ve noticed from the exit walk is how many factors there are in making confetti work it’s magic. From the amount, the timing or the type. Here are some tips to give yourself ultimate confetti success.

Roses are the classic choice.
  1. Make sure people near aisle actually have plenty of confetti in hand. Get friends to hand it around during signing.
  2. Ensure celebrant says ‘get your confetti ready’ so no ones forgets.
  3. Confetti works best when thrown high and when there is a lot being thrown. Smaller confetti floats better.

Types of Confetti

Rose petals are beautiful but they do have their downside and you need A LOT to make that stuff effective. Downside is they don’t get much air and often they can block the face and expression cause they are quite chunky.

You can try smaller petals or small dried flowers that will float more and be more subtle over your faces.

Tiny dried flower petals

Trying alternative flora like leaves and herbs – this can be more environmentally friendly and unique in colour scheme. Just see how it floats. And not too chunky.

Olive leaves

Or think beyond the flora and go to the food department. Popcorn, Coconut, Rice, Fruitloops… just be wary of colour and a white dress.

Big desiccated coconut flakes!

What catches the air really well is paper based confetti

Square white paper. But you can also get cute round multicoloured or anything! Look for biodegradable.

Other unique ideas…

pompoms. Re-usable and easy to sweep up (indoors/paved ground).
Bubbles! Totally eco… but bring rags for anyone who got sticky fingers in the process.

Or if you just aren’t allowed or not interested in being decorated in any of these ways.. just dance on out with high fives and an excellent song!!

Go here if you want more confetti tips.

And there you have it. A massive dose of ceremony inspiration!

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