An Album for Christmas

Just over a year ago I photographed this dreamy backyard wedding in the hills. When I drove in I saw blue skies, electric green trees, lace sleeves, handmade everything. The property was a photographers dream and the bride just as dreamy.

What you wouldn’t be able to tell from the photographs though was that the bride, Laura, had spent a year with a mystery illness that had paralysed half her body and face. She had been learning to speak again and recover from seizures.

The wedding day was full of laughter, smoke-haze light and delicious cheese, it went off without a hitch! The week after the wedding she was bed ridden again having had more seizures.

I can barely believe we had this magical seizure-free day but sometimes that’s just what happens on wedding days, sometimes you are left wondering what’s really pulling the strings in the universe…

Since the wedding I haven’t heard from these guys, emails have gone unanswered and their album therefore undesigned. Of course I’ve been concerned, increasingly getting worried. Eventually I phoned a friend of theirs who told me it’s been a rough year and that finally the illness has been diagnosed as Lyme Disease.

With their anniversary approaching and christmas just around the corner I just took it upon myself to create the album. I chose the images, I designed the story. I made it a bumper edition.


And now it’s been delivered. I hope it brings them some hopeful and beautiful energy for 2016 and beyond.

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I can’t express how I feel about my clients but I’m going to try. I don’t think they even know what it’s like from my end… I have spent one very intense day with them but it’s more than that, I have observed every flicker of emotion, every movement, touch, choice, expression and look. I’ve barely stopped for hours.

I have not just observed but created too. I have created angles, moments, laughter and adventure.

Then I sit on my computer for eons staring deeply into everyones faces, selecting, adjusting the colour and tones to my ideal. And I eagerly await their response like my whole heart depends on it.

I have been so intimately involved that if the couple are actually really nice to me then it very much seals the deal for a life long desire to know how they are.



  • Linda Bond
    December 17, 2015


    What a wonderful thoughtful gift and a spectacular album.

    Love from Linda xx

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