A Little Visit to The Little Press

A friend showed me her wedding invitations the other day and I was compelled to meet their maker.

They had this yummy thick paper, indented letterpressed print and totally cute hand drawn details. Who is this!? Introduce me!

And so I emailed Emily at The Little Press and asked if I could chat over coffee and take some photos of her studio. It’s sort of like asking someone on a date… but what the heck, I like meeting kindrid spirits in the wedding industry. Plus I wanted to check out her machinery ;-)

Emily told me that getting a letterpress machine is like hens teeth in Perth, it’s like waiting for someone to retire and being there at the split second they do. Turns out she is blessed with being a ‘right time right place’ kind of girl – and hence she became the owner of a super fine letterpress machine which has her foot peddling her way through inked up prints.

The Little Press has been making a name for itself with cute detail illustration, flair for swirly & hand drawn type, passion for paper stocks and of course Emily’s love of getting ink under her fingernails. Emily’s influences come from being a child of Europe and extensively travelling around the world (just ask her about India!) and so her designs have this authentic influence of patterning, feathers, geometry, mandalas and happy days.

So I could gasbag on about her but will let my pictures do the talking.

This card is printing on a paper seeded with Swan River Daisies. Perfect for these two botanists getting married!
I love that it’s entirely compostible in a fertile, flowering way! But I think this beauty would be hard to say goodbye to…

Can you see this is truly a labour of love for Emily? If you’re lucky she might let you watch her spin her magic on the machine…
Get in touch with Emily if you want custom wedding stationery or visit her etsy shop for her art prints and other delicious designs.


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