perth photography workshop

I love teaching and I believe I’m good at getting the point across in a way that you won’t forget! I’ve taught casually over the past 15 years having been a photographer in residence in 3 country towns, worked for a year as an ABC Open teacher/producer & have run my own workshops and mentoring for local amateurs and professionals in Perth for the last couple years!

You can be a total amateur that I can bring up to a more professional level or a professional wanting to be pushed to feel you CAN nail it every time and reach new levels in your work.


2017 Summer of Bite Size Workshops – pick and choose your own menu of group and 1 on 1 workshops

Mentoring – apply for future group mentoring (mid-late 2017)

Modelling – be a single or couple model for the workshops in exchange for photos & picking up tips!



Amelia – Mentoring 2016

Photography is always something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed but never really knew years ago how I could possibly take it anywhere so just played around every now and again and used it purely as a way of documenting my life and the people around me. And then a few years ago I felt like I lost interest because I wasn’t getting what I wanted from it anymore.

I’m so glad I came across your post and plucked up the courage to actually apply because I nearly didn’t! I had followed your work for a while and thought wow this is way above me I don’t want to waste her time.

Right from the start though you were very helpful in firstly giving me the advice I needed on upgrading my (embarrassingly/frustratingly faulty on the first day) equipment which also pushed me once I had invested to make sure I made the most of it and really spent the time finding what I enjoyed about taking photos again.

 I found, most importantly for me, learning from a real person with real experience extremely valuable. Your teaching style was natural and you’re easy to relate to. I felt comfortable asking questions even if they seemed completely irrelevant. You were also always willing to answer questions along the way and provide advice and guidance which I thank you for endlessly!! 

The group sessions were so valuable, it was good to hash out any troubles we were all having and hear any issues that someone else was having and potentially help or learn from it while going through some technical areas. It was also nice to sit and just have a good laugh and a chat over a wine. The one on one sessions were invaluable and being able to tailor these for what we needed, such as couple posing for me, was perfect and I felt I learnt the most from those sessions. And even though I was  time constrained with having to keep my full time job, the little homework assignments were a lot of fun and threw out the challenge to try new things and experiment.

The “networking” (I hate that word…) contacts I’ve made in the past six months have been handy as well and hopefully lead to some future collaborations. I also wanted to mention that the goal setting we did in our last session was very eye opening for me and I plan on redoing it in the New Year and setting some really clear goals.

Anyway I just wanted to send you through a quick (which ended up long) thank you. You helped me rediscover something that I love which also has helped me deal with my day job that I don’t love and given me something else to focus on. I can’t express how much it means to me to have been able to do this and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to make the full time a part time and do more of this one day.”

Mel – Mentoring 2016

“I first met Nat from when I heard her speak at the Common Folk event. We chatted afterwards about my trepidations to leave my full time job and take weddings as a serious gig. In the brief few minutes that I explained my situation, she seemed to read me more than I realised I was letting on, and said some things that stuck with me and rolled around in my head for days. So I applied for her winter photography mentoring offering, which exposed me to a whole new school of thought. I have her to thank for the way I now look at light, colour and composition, and being pushed to see things differently, self-critique, expand my capabilities and constantly improve has been valuable beyond measure.

But her teachings have extended beyond just this. Nat is a deeply spiritual, inquisitive and creative creature, with strong beliefs about feminist, environmental and global causes. She’s been a mega source of inspiration and played a huge role in the way my life has played out in this last year.”


Ben – Editing 1 on 1 2016

The first thing I noticed when working with Natalija during an online screen sharing session, was her transparency in how she has mastered her craft. She was very humble in working with someone like myself, who has limited knowledge of Lightroom, and explained everything in laymen’s terms so I could understand how she brings her photos to perfection. Our session was not limited to processing as I was able to ask questions about how she captured a certain moment during her shoot. We were able to record the session, so now I have in my artillery, a fully detailed session of Nat’s workflow for editing wedding images. A better photography mentor, you will not find.”